‘Long Lie’

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Some whisky-soaked, smoke-filled, rollicking ditties to please your guitar-starved ear-holes. Enjoy it before it gets homogenised, pasteurised, sanitised, and covered in satan's special sauce. Cheers to ya! 

If you’ve got 5 minutes out of your social media assaulted time-scales why not listen to a track or two? We couldn’t upload the whole track here for some reason but checkout the Soundcloud link for the whole tracks if you fancy. You could even superficially ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter but we won’t hold you to Christmas Cards or any such things… 

If anyone’s interested, we are Andy Burke and Ron McElroy. Andy’s singing and playing guitar on the right and Ron’s playing guitar on the left. Rob Hervais-Adelman is playing drums all over it. Dick Jewel is doing the low notes. We’re based in South London, Crystal Palace in fact, and we recorded the whole damn thing in our own tiny studio. 

We gig around the UK and Europe, and we’ll be posting new gigs on Facebook. If you do the ‘like’ thing then you’d hear about them too. Email us though if you want to join the mailing list, want to book us for gigs or just have some really amazing insights to share with us. 

No point us saying ‘Hope you like it’ as you will or you won’t.. that’s if you listen to it.. but if you don’t,.. you’ll never know... like the tree falling in the forest thing... 

Hugs & kisses, Two 5.

P.S. If you really like the songs, and are feeling a bit flash, you can go to iTunes (if you're into that kind of thing) or you can go to the Shop and buy a 'real' CD and/or buy as mp3s. There's even a free download! We probably should've mentioned that earlier... 
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17th June,


Antenna Studios, 7pm-11pm

w/ The Paradisos and Franck’N’Sons

Crystal Palace, London